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    Play Your Part, support the LA Phil.  Your belief in the power of music to heal and transform makes our work possible. Give Now

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
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    Relive some of your favorite Hollywood Bowl moments! We're partnering with KCET and PBS SoCal for a new show hosted by Gustavo Dudamel, featuring special guests and live performances from some of the Bowl's most memorable concerts.

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    Brandi Carlile, Gustavo Dudamel, Thomas Wilkins, and members of YOLA are all teaming up for Play Your Part: A Benefit for YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles). Join us on August 7 for a great cause!

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    Though our concert venues are silent, the LA Phil is announcing a number of new media partnerships and initiatives to keep the music going.


    Thomas Wilkins on the power and responsibility of music

    Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Principal Conductor Thomas Wilkins talks about the meaning of home, his path to orchestras, and on what music reveals about each of us.

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    Gustavo Dudamel and J’Nai Bridges performing on the Bowl stage to an empty audience

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    Performing “Heaven” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands," the production made use of the outdoor stage of the Hollywood Bowl to keep performers socially distanced.

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    Your gift makes it possible for the LA Phil to remain a vibrant resource for Los Angeles and one of the leading orchestras in the world. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift today.

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